Tune In

Tune in

This piece is now in Gydra’s collection

Tune In was inspired by a handful of trips at a friend’s lake house. All-nighters swimming, dancing, and laughing our asses off around a campfire. It was a time and space away from all others, and in between the outbursts of hilarity there were deeply profound realizations about ourselves and the universe.

This piece is a memento of all those voyages to the beyond and a reminder to create the time and space in our busy lives to Tune In. There is magic all around you and while psychedelics aren’t needed to encounter magic they definitely throw you into the power of it all like a mystical wrecking ball.

Months ago I burned all of my NFTs to go a different direction, and create more value for my collectors. This is the first piece I am bringing back into the space.

It took about 8 hours to create each second of this 34 second video, almost 300 hours total. It was created in Procreate and Photoshop.(Unfortunately before I discovered after effects)

It is the first animation I have made without simply “gimmicking” premade animation software. So this is my first “legitimate” animation I have created.(Soundscape also created by me)