Submerge- (Available on Foundation)

Submerge is about going within in the way that takes you far beyond what you would normally consider yourself, and in this space reclaiming conductivity with that entire field, resonating and becoming the grander self

This, in part, means removing yourself from familiar external stimuli or the factors that lead you to the sometimes useful delusions of rules, roles, and narratives in order to gain fresh perspective. 

Going there can come about by meditative or yogic practices, fasting, a walkabout, psychedelics, or many other means, psychedelics being the strongest. No matter how we arrive there we have a duty to arrive there, a longing to arrive there. We grasp at many things and create much turbulence searching for this connection.  It is below the surface of all that programming, that societal conditioning.

This undertaking has another challenge attached, which is bringing it back to daily life. It is easy to close back off and fall into familiar routes when you return. It is easy to look around and not see that same thing within the others and the world around you. That is because the ways of this world drive everyone to be cut off from this connection and unhealed.  So we must learn how to carry that connectivity into this unhealed world without closing ourselves off, and bring compassion with us wherever we go to awaken that current within others.

The music for this piece was written by me as well.  The main guitar riff was written at a time  when I first came to break free of the ideological conditioning of my childhood. Being free in the world for the first time as a college student and having my first taste of the real world created a drive in me to cast off previous teachings, or narratives, and begin anew in my experience of the world from a lens unborrowed.

This is piece was created using Photoshop, Procreate, and After Effects.  It is my 3rd After Effects project which has taken about 350 hours to complete.

Available on Foundation Now

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