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gospel of Psychedelics

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Going to church is like sitting around with a bunch of your peers talking about a concert you read about in an article. Taking hallucinogens is going to the concert.  It is to go and have that 1st person experience in the theater of the divine.

The concept for this piece was inspired by talks I have had with friends about some of the annoyances of Organized religions as well as the important role of psychedelics to bypass the middlemen or interpreters of the messages from beyond.
 On one end you have missionaries for different religions that in some instances will go door to door like a vacuum salesman to sell you on their ideology and “heroes” .  I jokingly thought what if people with interest in ethnopharmacology did the same?  What if representatives of the psychedelic community began knocking doors to tell of the benefits of various plant medicines? They would be ridiculed, written off, and possibly jailed.

Although I don’t intend to go door to door to spread the Gospel of Psychedelics, I definitely want to urge the unitiated to look further than what seems

Another peculiarity that led me to portray an invite to psychedelics in this missionary light is the ways that certain religions, my experience being mostly speaking to Christians, believe that God once did these great miracles, and gave people such grand visions, but now does none of that. God just stopped.  If someone today came to those same people with belief in these visions, and told them that they themselves had a vision from God then they would likely be ignored, or written off as being on drugs.  Yet they can’t entertain the idea that the stories that they live their lives by were also influenced by altered states of consciousness brought on by psychedelics. They are living their lives based off only the consciousness exploration of others from long ago without updates, and fearing having the experience themselves

It is as if they don’t see magic here in this world, but they want to believe  that God operates through means of magic. So it’s a magic that’s long since lost. Long since gone from our realm, but the reality is that magic is woven through everything.