Invest in the environment and others who care about it.


In the NFT space it isn’t uncommon to find people buying trash projects, but this is literally a trash project.  I want to buy your trash, and encourage others to do the same.  Proof of Trash is an initiative to essentially revive the #trashtagchallenge and pay people in cryptocurrency rather than internet clout.

We are tokenizing labor using blockchain technology

The goal of this NFT collection is to raise funds to spread the word, purchase the earliest trash cleanups, and build the infrastructure to make this a part of our lives. It is a way for those who want to invest in a cleaner planet to put their money to use in a verifiable way instead of paying a charity who may or may not use the funds in accordance with their mission statement, and for others who want to clean up our land to be paid for their time doing so. 


In Our Hands

Animated NFT on The Ethereum Blockchain

Listed for 0.1 ETH

Edition of 100

  • Imagine spending your money to make a verifiable impact on our environment
  • Imagine trash clean-up being a legitimate paying gig.
  • Imagine Parks, Beaches, Rivers & Lakes cleaner than ever before
  • Imagine clean-up being a pathway out of homelessness

We have already purchased our first trash cleanup on the Tezos blockchain.


How Does it Work?

For an Investor

Purchase art from this collection from one of the listed marketplaces on the Ethereum or Tezos Blockchain  to fund the promotion of the project, clean-up purchases, and infrastructure.

60% of all sales from this collection will go to promotion, education, and purchase of cleanups to get this initiative rolling. The other 40% will go toward affording us the time and tools to better run the project.

As this initiative grows purchasing Proof of Labor NFTs directly from clean-up freelancers will be more accessible.

For a Clean-up Freelancer

Say you come upon a trashy area simply record video of before, during, and after clean-up along with using a GPS tracker like Strava. Then you mint that proof as an NFT on any chain.

The better your proof the better chance you have of selling your listing

Once this collection has raised enough funds to build a website all Trash NFTs can be uploaded there for easy organization

Multi-chain NFT Collection Sales & Donations

Build a website to showcase trash-cleanup NFTs

Promoting The Project to Get People Out There Minting Proof of Their Labor

Buy Trash Cleanup NFTs and Encourage Others to As Well