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Making Waves Digital Download

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Accidental Self- "Making Waves"
Album Release Date 01/20/2020 Dedicated to Jerry Shebester
Accidental Self is a project created by Joey Shebester
Making Waves is a 10 track album written/recorded/produced by Joey Shebester
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Did you know that this entire album was written, recorded, and produced entirely by Joey Shebester. Every purchase of this album, whether in this digital download or a signed hard copy on CD, goes toward purchasing more musical equipment to improve the quality and help the sound of this project evolve.

It’s hard to believe, but this enitre album was recorded with nothing but an acoustic guitar and an Ipad with no external microphone. So I hope you will share this music with your friends and family. If you are looking for other places you can find my music and would like to support my music by streaming it from popular services as well here is a list of links to where you can find my music on popular platforms:

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