Custom Portrait Drawings

5″ x 7″ Custom Portrait Drawings only $75 Through all of Quarantine

With almost 30 years of experience drawing portraits I know how to capture a person’s likeness and character. You are going to love the unique expression that is custom portrait work.  Small portraits are a  great way to break up the monotony of your space without breaking the bank, and while they are 25% off you are getting a steal.

Contact me using the form below or find from my art page on Facebook

Project Inquiry

Please give me as much information as possible so I can understand what is important about the project to you, and better prepare myself to discuss details.

Looking for something else?

If you like the idea of a custom portrait, but want something bigger or maybe a painting instead, here is a general pricing guide.  Send me project details for a more accurate quote.

Portrait Drawing and Painting Pricing Guide