End of The Year Sale

Take Advantage of These Deals While They Last!

I wanted to discount my commission work with Christmas right around the corner, and people starting to think about what they are going to get their loved ones.  Then I decided what the heck, why not discount the whole store?  So here you have it.  Everything in the store will be 15%-60% off from now until the end of the year.


New Artwork Commission Discounts!!!!!!!!

So have a look through the store at these great savings, and if you don’t find that perfect gift for your loved one…..or yourself then contact me about having your very own custom artwork done.  Here is some information to help you get started if you have never commissioned artwork before.  Going over that page will give you a better idea about what questions to ask when we talk and make sure that everything turns out just how you want it. Below is a little chart to give you an idea of the pricing for commission work during this end of the year sale.

Some of you are probably thinking, “Christmas?  We just had Halloween and Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened yet.”

Making art takes time.  Be sure to get your spot reserved soon.  I can only do so many paintings and drawings between now and Christmas.  While the savings will last until the end of the year, if you wait too long I might not be able to finish and ship your art in time for Christmas deadline.

In case you have made it here without being familiar with my work, here are a few examples of what a portrait drawing might look like.

[foogallery id=”67031″]

Here are some examples of what a portrait painting might look like

[foogallery id=”67032″]

[huge_it_forms id=”8″]

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