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Get to know the multidisciplinary artist Ferociously Amused, and receive insights into his artwork, process, and views about the world. This is page will grow to a collection of videos to show the other side of the art and the artist

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

Friedrich Neitzsche

Artist Introduction


If you would like to read the article that Migraine Again published on the “Migraine Madness” Series you can find it here

I also mentioned The Lone Survivor Foundation auctioning off my paintings here. I hope you will look into their organization started by Marcus Luttrell, the lone survivor of Operation Red Wings.

What they do helps veterans and families so much. I love giving what I can. For the past few years I have donated art and Photography services to them. their twitter account is here


Being an Artist without visualization skills can be frustrating

Story behind “Vision quest”

Relevant attributes

I never disposed of my childlike wonder, and love for exploration of the unfamiliar. Never fearing failure, but embracing the lessons of trial and error keeps me stepping into new worlds and embracing the flavor of life.

Work Ethic

I work most of the day everyday, whether it is running the pressure washing business that pays most of the bills, creating art, making music, or absorbing new knowledge.

Wild Jack@$$

Ridiculousness is the best medicine for the soul. It breaks through rules, roles, and ruts to shake off the tensions we hold in our body and soul. We were not supposed to become rigid robotic adults, but instead grow into responsible children.


Most often, favoring time spent with myself, I tend to reflect heavily on our human predicament. I always try to keep my self in check and refresh the browser of my Ideas to escape cognitive dissonance.

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