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About Ferociously Amused

I’m a traditionally trained artist living just outside Houston who is falling in love with digital tools. The future we are moving into will be one that heavily relies on digital work.  I’m amazed at the way technology and art are at this beautiful convergence and I am moving all of my efforts from traditional media into the digital world exploring animation, 3D, VR, AR, AI, and other acronyms. Much of my time goes to running my Pressure Washing business.  Most of the income I have from art is from portrait commissions, but I have stopped commissions to pursue this digital world of expression. I support free thinking, compassion, and psychedelics. I celebrate our connectedness and rebellious exploration of this human form.

Relevant attributes

I never disposed of my childlike wonder, and love for exploration of the unfamiliar. Never fearing failure, but embracing the lessons of trial and error keeps me stepping into new worlds and embracing the flavor of life.

Work Ethic

I work most of the day everyday, whether it is running the pressure washing business that pays most of the bills, creating art, making music, or absorbing new knowledge.

Wild Jack@$$

Ridiculousness is the best medicine for the soul. It breaks through rules, roles, and ruts to shake off the tensions we hold in our body and soul. We were not supposed to become rigid robotic adults, but instead grow into responsible children.


Most often, favoring time spent with myself, I tend to reflect heavily on our human predicament. I always try to keep my self in check and refresh the browser of my Ideas to escape cognitive dissonance.



With the introduction of NFTs investors can invest in individuals the same way they have corporations, and win big. As a collector, from a financial standpoint it feels nice to make a profit, but then to add on top of that you are literally supporting a creator’s dreams and vision, by creating some financial freedom to explore their field without the concerns they would have otherwise and the reward of buying NFTs is so much greater. It is a way to vote for the experiences of the future by devoting financial energy to the cause directly. Here is a little information about what I plan on doing and where I currently stand.

My long-term goal is to build and support a community where art and technology are an environment for explorers of consciousness to interact. All of my art is moving toward creating digital assets for people to decorate their AR selves and spaces, and create reflective/interactive environments in VR for the community to to come together in.


Phase 1

1/1 Animated Art NFTs

Early investors will receive Goodies such as: exclusive drops, Physical goods, exclusive AR/VR assets, and the obvious increase of value of the 1/1’s

Phase 2

VR setup

I will be sharpening my skills in animation and 3d until I can upgrade my computer and get a VR Setup

Phase 3

Interactive Digital assets

In this phase I will move away from creating simple animations and create interactive assets for AR/VR experiences

Phase 4

virtual community and marketplace

A creative community surrounding immersive artistic experiences for free thinkers and consciousness explorers is the final phase of this project rewarding early collectors and participants

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